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Movie Review: Gamer (2009)

31 Oct

I really enjoyed watching this movie, as I expected. If you are familiar with famous online games such as “Counter Continue reading


College of Sex in Kuwait University!!

31 Oct


Apparently someone wanted to do some change at Shuwaikh Campus, so he changed College Of Allied Health Sciences into college of sex, and he changed Deanship student affairs into Deanship student “sexual” affair. Also he did something in arabic “Maddat Bool” above. After I saw this sign I kept wondering if there is a college of sex for real??!! What if Fawziya Al Durai’a was the Dean of that college??!! Alot of questions without answers.

 Anyways, the person who did that is a bad horny creature that deserve to die, hehe just kidding, at least someone should be punished or changing the sign would be the practical solution. Please tell me what do you think?

Candy Corn Obsession

31 Oct

One of my friends kept nagging all the night to get candy corn from Sultan Centre, so we went there to get some for Halloween (For him only, I didn’t like it). So happy Halloween everybody :D.


His Hand or his Leg?!!

31 Oct

I recieved this picture from one of my friends, and  I need an answer here about what is broken here. his leg or his hand??!!!

I think his hand, What about you?

Marina Crescent without Lights!!

31 Oct


Few days ago I was enjoying the time at Johney Rockets with my friends, and suddenly it started to rain, and after that the whole marina crescent light turned off. Actually I liked it that way specially the JR area that was full of red lights that came out from the sign. I think its better to be that way for the whole winter.

When I was at the Gitex Exhibition…

29 Oct



My friend suggested to go for GiTEX exhibition thatI don’t Continue reading

Dressing Code for Emirates Mall

28 Oct


On my way to emirates mall I noticed this warning in Arabic about wearing a conservative clothes. The sign includes many rules inside the mall like don’t have a romantic kisses infront the people. The funny thing is when I went inside the mall I found most of the people don’t give damn about the clothes rule but they respect the other one specially the one about kissing :P. The warning is only in Arabic, I know the fact of Dubai is arabic city, but I think they should have one in english so they respect the dressing code.

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