Movie Review: Blood and Bone (2009)

29 Sep

This is the black Chuck Norris, he kicks ass the whole movie and never get defeated. fighting movies have that similar plot where the hero got defeated at the first scene. and he got trained by retired boxer. but in Blood and Bone our hero did not lost any fight. that why he took the fun out of the movie.Overall the fight was not bad yet not exciting as it was in the trailer.


The story was shitty but its okay, fighting movies is not about good stories I guess. but the cast is really messed up specially the gangster that for sort of time you will feel that his eyes will pops out from his weird staring way. At the end Michael Jai White (Bone) deserves another movie with a great fighting moments. and please don’t let him win one fight at least.

I would give it 6 out of 10


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