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Obama’s Perfect Smile

30 Sep

This is a cool animation for Obama with 135 leaders around the world, and in each picture he got the same expression. here is the link.


Movie Review: Blood and Bone (2009)

29 Sep

This is the black Chuck Norris, he kicks ass the whole movie and never get defeated. fighting movies have that similar plot where the hero got defeated at the first scene. and he got trained by retired boxer. but in Blood and Bone our hero Continue reading

This Is It – movie about Michael Jackson

29 Sep

Now they are selling the tickets for this movie about Michael Jackson online. and it will be released worldwide on the 28th  of October. I hope it will be released in Kuwait cinemas too. here is the trailer.

imdb page

Five Stars Prison!!

29 Sep

The criminals are so lucky to live in a building like this in Austria, It looks like a reward instead of punishment. check out the rest of the photos here.

Wireframe Lamborghini

29 Sep


I am not big fan of cars in general, but this art piece is amazing. the model is done by artist Benedict Radcliffe where you will find a cool stuff in his page. here is the link.

Chuck Norris is Awesome!!!

29 Sep


It seems that Chuck Norris is popular in Doha. his DVD is the best sold item in Virgin Megastore. I thought it was funny so I took this picture and shared it with you. if you don’t know who is Chuck Norris check out this site.

The PEN Story – Stop Motion Video

28 Sep


This video is worth watching it many times. it will take you for a journey through the time. as they mentioned: We shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. they did a fantastic job. and at the end it turns out it was an Ad for a camera. so now it starts to make sense all the hard work. here is the link.

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