Nuremberg trials: Albert Speer

2 Aug

Today I stayed at home eating lunch and having great time with the family
and suddenly my mom puts on Al-Jazeera Documentary Channel and the
show was about the “Nuremberg trials” , the trials for the last Nazi’s.


On that episode they were talking about Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect.
Its not about architecture … Its about the quality of that documentary
good actors, good settings… it was really awsome.. i searched about it
and I found Its a BBC documentary, and the year of production was 2005
I think I will keep checking Al-Jazeera from time to time…  I like documentaries 🙂


Spoiler Alert: Albert Speer was the last Nazi living man … all of them were executed except him … after being the loyal architect of Hitler … they punish him with 20 years only!!


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