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Movie Review: Knowing (2009)

31 Aug

I really enjoy watching Nicholas Cage movies … and this movie wasn’t bad … except the ending. Now the movie is about a theory of Determinism which is a scientific theory … so i expect a scientific movie with a reasonable facts … but the funny thing is they added ghosts effects and horror all over the story with no reason at all … and the most fucked up ending was explaining  the ghosts through ALIENS!!! I was enjoying the movie until the spaceship shows up at the end…a shocking ending I guess… also I got admit that the effects were really good on the movie. I wish “Knowing” ended up with more logical explanation at the end … I guess this is life … nothing is perfect.


I would give it 7 out of 10


Online Alarm Clock

31 Aug

If you are sleeping next to your computer and you need a good alarm, like me … this is the solution.I think I will use it alot.

LEGO Challenge

31 Aug


A British artist (James May) with a team of volunteers built a house made from LEGO parts … check it out here.

Realistic Cartoons

31 Aug

I found this weird collection of many beloved cartoon characters .. manipulated with a realistic touch .. here is the link.

Paintings Vs. Photography Vol.4

30 Aug

This artist’s work is amazing… the paintings on the wall looks so realistic … too bad I don’t know who is the artist … check out the rest of the collection on this link.

Movie Review: Push (2009)

30 Aug


This movie was a disappointment for me … I really wished this movie to be one of my best movies … I thought Dakota Fanning will do a good job as usual, but it was a waste for her talent.. anyways the movie is about many people around the world that have a special abilities (wow something new!!!) … I like that the events are located in China .. its kinda interesting until the main character show up in every scene … and guess what!! … his ass kicked from everybody…  … another thing that made me laugh is the Chinese guys that keep screaming … the faces are totally priceless…. Overall the movie was not very bad and not very good.

I would give it 6 out of 10

Paintings Vs. Photography Vol.3

29 Aug


This amazing collection of manipulated photographs were taken by Christopher Gilbert … it includes 130 images from his work .. here is the link.

christophe_gilbert_50    christophe_gilbert_44

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