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The Princess and the Frog trailer

31 Jul

lately i’ve seen many trailers for upcoming movies from Walt Disney pictures
and i liked this one in particular = )

The Princess and the Frog


finally they are making 2D movies again, i really miss them
the trailer seems interesting … but also it looks that it have the spirit
of Shrek movies (i hate them)
I wish iam wrong and it will be a good movie

here is the link on youtube


[songos] Iranian Michael Jackson

31 Jul

some posts will be from my group which is called songos
its basically taking one of interesting e-mail from that group

and putting it on my blog


today i got an email about a psycho doing Michael Jackson moves on the streets of Iran
well i doubt this thing happened on Iran … but this is what the e-mail said
the funny part here that this guy gives us an image of how will be Osama bin Laden 
when he do the MoonWalk =)


thanks for guitarista

Movie Review: Public Enemies (2009)

31 Jul

I have just finished watching Public Enemies on avenues VIP Cinema
now this movie i was really waiting it to be released on theateres


but after half hour from the beginning of the movie
i was disapointed more and more

the trailer was awsome and interesting
but the movie is kinda boring

i would give it 6 out of 10


========== SPOILER ALERT ==========
===if you did not watch it don’t read bellow===

i liked Johnney Depp Character  and his acting as well
in the opposite side was Christian Bale who ruined each scene (not the first movie)
except the first entrance it was impressive …

in the middle of the movie where the FBI and the gangsters are shooting each other
when johnney and his fellowers stayed in Cabin … the scene has changed from a movie camera to a cheap HOME VIDEO camera
it was like watching behind the scene in the middle of the film

i liked the part when johnney enters the investigation department and fooling around without any one gives him the attention he is

 overall the movie is too long and its based on true story
and it seems true stories are not interesting to me anymore after this =s

Titanic at the SC (kuwaiti style)

30 Jul









I was walking through the scientific center yesterday
and i noticed one of the ships infront the plaza are kinda tilted
I thaught i was dizzy or something for a while,
but as i get closer i found that the water level is at the bottom
and that’s why the ship is tilted

i am goin’ to check it out again and i will post it in the upcoming days =)


Hello world this is Omar!

30 Jul



this is my first post and my first blog
i hope you will like my posts (hopefully daily posts)

it will include many categories such as
movies reviews and news
architecture (my major :P)
restaurants in Kuwait
odd news
and more



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